WordPress Plugins That Make CSS Coding Easier For Beginners.

Get The Selector In Without Touching The Sides. Sound Familiar?

Getting the look of your page just right can be a deeply satisfying experience for website designers of all skill levels.  It can also be a deeply exhausting process that can have you clicking and refreshing long into the night.  Maybe you enjoy that experience, but perhaps you could also do without it.  There are probably some times when it would be easier and nicer if the CSS would simply sort itself out.  Just this once.  Well, you’re in luck, as there are some great plugins available to put polished CSS on your site.


People like buttons.  Buttons are fun to press and people understand that buttons make things happen.  For anyone interested in creating a user-friendly interface that visitors will feel comfortable interacting with, buttons are absolutely crucial.  They are also vital in ensuring that your users are navigating the site effectively and as you have intended.  That being said, it can be a bother to make them yourself.  The CSS coding can be tedious and making them in Photoshop is not much better.

A CSS3 Button Generator For WordPress-Based Websites.

Cute As A Button?

Fortunately, there is a WordPress plugin that can help.  MaxButtons: CSS3 Button Generator, in addition to sounding like a really geeky Bond flick, is a plugin designed to allow users to easily create buttons that can be placed anywhere in a WordPress website.  Using the plugin’s design panel, the user can design the button using pure CSS with the full range of design elements that CSS has to offer.  You can also see the button forming in real-time as you tick off the various options.  When you are done, you generate a shortcode that can be placed anywhere in the site.


Some themes support columns natively.  Others don’t.  For those of you who would like to be able to segment a page or post in WordPress into different columns, this plugin comes highly recommended.   Easy to use and with excellent controls for the WYSIWYG editor, it uses simple shortcodes to keep your content inline.


A CSS Tabs Plugin To Improve Your WordPress Blog Layout

Do You Refresh Tabs Or Do Tabs Refresh You?

If you have one thing to say to one audience on one page, you write a paragraph.  But what if you have one thing you want to say to two or more different audience on one page?  That particular situation calls for the advertiser’s friend: tabs.  Tabs really come in two types: pure CSS ones that require the page to refresh when you move between tabs and CSS + JavaScript ones that do not require a refresh. With the WordPress Post Tabs plugin you can implement either type of tab depending on your preference.  All you need to do is to insert their easy shortcodes in your page or post and sandwich your content in between.


If you are looking for more comprehensive solutions than those listed above, you can also install a plugin that gives individual posts or pages their own style or a great does-it-all shortcode plugin.

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