Mobile devices outsold personal computers last year and more people are accessing the internet from mobile devices than from their lap tops. And at the time of this writing, a voice recognition technology called “Siri” is being us on iPhones. This technology allows consumers to use voice commands to search for products and services.

Fast forward five or even ten years into the future, and who knows whether applications which deliver relevant company data through mobile applications will completely replace traditional websites?

Geez, kind of depressing if you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into perfecting your WordPress development chops right?

Does this mean you should scrap your PHP and jQuery skills and start cracking open more books on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry programming? That’s certainly an option, but the last thing you want to do is become another trend chaser.

There’s another secret to catching the next wave of opportunity being created by mobile marketing…and it doesn’t involve abandoning your WordPress development skills….

WordPress, Mobile eCommerce and the Road Less Traveled

I personally believe that WordPress will be relevant for a long time.

But even if mobile technology does change that, there will be some developers and online marketing consultants who rely on WordPress but will still remain unscathed by this shift. Some of them will even use their success as a WordPress expert to become the pioneers of the next trend in entrepreneurship.

You might even read about some of them, all the while kicking yourself for letting yourself get left behind. But there’s no reason why you can’t be the one on the cutting edge, all you have to do is stop following the crowd.

How to Become the Envy of Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

Ever met those entrepreneurs who seem to have a crystal ball when it comes to catching opportunities before they become popular? I have. I’ve met hundreds of them over the past ten years…they all seem to have three things in common.

First, they don’t chase trends.

Second, they can see trends coming because they understand what actually creates trends. It’s human behavior. Whether you’re an SEO, an online marketing consultant, a WordPress developer or a copywriter, one of the smartest things you can do is become a student of human behavior.

It’s not hard to predict where mobile technology will take us next if you understand why people are so eager to use it. It’s easy, it’s convenient, it helps them get quick access to the information they want. Great website developers have already been applying these principles to their projects for years, and some of them have created a lot of economic security for themselves by doing so.

How about you?

How can you apply this understanding of human nature to create or to improve upon a feature of WordPress? Really take the time to ask yourself this, because the answer just might make you one of the next technology pioneers.

Finally, and this is where the gold is, great entrepreneurs work harder to build relationships than they do to build things. A mistake a lot of us technical minded people make is pouring more energy into perfecting our craft than we do into building relationships with our clients.

Imagine, what if Google, Yahoo and BING were to all blacklist WordPress sites starting tomorrow?

What would you have left?

All you would have your relationships with your client base.

But with that, all it takes it’s a bit of diligence and study to catch up with the changes in technology and to rebuild your business. Relationships are the most valuable asset in business…they’re more important than any skill or knowledge you can acquire.

No matter what happens with WordPress or mobile marketing, or whatever is coming next, the person paying the money (your customer) will always be a human being who needs to do business with a developer who they trust.

So keep working at your WordPress skills. Chances are you’ll already be well ahead of the crowd when the next change comes. But if you want to be the envy of all the “opportunity chasing” entrepreneurs out there, take the road less traveled.

Become a student of human behavior, and above all become a master developer of high trust relationships.

Best, Seth C

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