Press This-Photo of "Reblog" graffiti wall“Press This” helps you reblog quotes, images, and more

WordPress includes a bookmarklet called “Press This” to speed up your work when including text, photos, and more from other sites on the internet. Check out how it’s done, below.

Fixing “Press This” 404 errors

Note: Many folks get 404 errors when trying this great little tool, and then give up. Below the article I’ve included information to fix these errors and get you back on track.

Press This-Screenshot of "Press This" bookmarklet installationEasily install “Press This”

To install “Press This” for use with your blog, log in and go to your Dashboard. Click the “Tools” item on the left. You’ll see a description of “Press This” on the main page, and a shadowed button.

With your browser’s bookmark toolbar / favorites toolbar showing, simply drag the “Press This” button from the “Tools” page to the toolbar. This should put a “Press This” item in the toolbar, which you can rename if you would like.

Different bookmarklets for different blogs

The “Press This” bookmarklet is specific to the blog from which you installed it from. If you work with more than one blog and want to use “Press This” with each of them, you will need to add the bookmarklet to your toolbar once from each of those blogs. Renaming the resulting bookmarks would obviously prevent some comical confusion in this case.

Using “Press This” to share content while blogging

1. Log in to your blog

NOTE: If you are not logged in, you’ll be given an opportunity in the next step.

2. Highlight text from website you want to copy from.

Press This-Screenshot of selected text on a blog page

3. Click “Press This” bookmarklet.

A pop-up, simplified posting window appears. The post title is set to the source page’s title. Any content you had selected appears in the page content editor. The source site is automatically credited.

Press This-Screenshot of initial "Press This" reblogging window

Quoting text from source site with "Press This"

4. Click images icon to add images.

Clicking the “Add Media” icon above the editing toolbar shows thumbnails of all images on the source page. Clicking an image inserts it into the content area. Images added this way are copied to your blog, rather than linked to the original source.

Press This-Screenshot of "Press This" reblog window selecting images from source site

Adding images from source site with "Press This"

5. Edit the post content.

You can edit post content normally, then save it as a draft or publish it right away.

“Press This” automatically credits sites you reblog content from

The moment you click “Press This” and the post editor appears, a link to the site you’re quoting content from appears at the bottom of the post. The link reads “via,” followed by the title of the page you’re quoting from. The title is linked back to that source page.

No matter how easy a tool makes it quote and republish other people’s work, copyright is still an important issue. Make sure anything you re-blog is not restricted, and that you provide proper attribution to the original source.

Troubleshooting Press This

Some folks get 404 Errors / Page not found as soon as they click the “Press This” button. The simplified posting window appears, but a WordPress 404 Error appears inside.

This can easily be fixed. Usually, a mod_security setting at your site’s host is the culprit. You can contact your web host and ask them to whitelist your domain for this setting. Here is how I worked this out with HostGator for my own sites. In my case, I used live chat.

  1. Tell them you’d like to whitelist your domain for certain mod_security issues.
  2. Tell them you’re using a bookmarklet that results in a 404 error and you’ve been told mod_security can cause this on some hosts.
  3. Copy them that doing the following fixes the problem temporarily, but you’d like the mod_security situation changed for your domain so the problem is 100% fixed.
    Edit the text in the "Press This" link
  4. In my case, the HostGator rep asked me to trigger the error, while they watched the logs for my domain. This helped them understand what needed changed.
  5. They were perfectly willing to make the change, had me test the bookmarklet again, and then all was fine.


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