Plugins And Widgets That Serve Google Adsense Ads Can Deliver Revenue

You Know The Goodies Are There. But How Do You Get Them?

You are an SEO genius. Yes, you.  For weeks, months, years you have been building up your site traffic.  Creating great content, tagging keywords, keeping abreast of the latest in search engine updates, and getting linked to from other high traffic websites.  And to finance the bandwidth costs, you have been placing ads in tasteful locations on your site.  Except, noone is clicking on the damn things.  Your readers are too smart and too savvy to click on just any Johnny-come-lately link promising better abs and affordable roofing services, as wonderful as those must be (I can only speculate).   There must be some way to turn all of that reading and clicking into some kind of revenue, you think.

So while considering ways to monetize your site, you start wondering about affiliate marketing.  You like potentially getting paid for the traffic you are already directing.  But then you get discouraged by the prospect of having to sign up for a whole slew of different affiliate programs.  That’s just going to mean more spammy newsletters and more accounts to monitor, if you are lucky enough to have the traffic to even qualify for the programs.

This is where PalTip enters on a white horse.   Let’s say you are going to recommend or mention a product that you think is interesting or worthwhile.  Instead of simply inserting the link as per usual, you first submit the link to PalTip.   They check to see if there are any affiliate programs that are associated with the company or products (this is the list of affiliate partners) and, if there are, they convert the link to an affiliate link.  You then insert the link into your content as you would any other URL.  Now when your visitors click on the link, though, if they go on to buy a product, you will receive a commission.  To get a basic idea of who they are and what they do, check out this informational video:



This Plugin Uses Linking To Convert Visitors Into Customers

Tips Mean Dollars. Just Ask A Waiter.

Getting started is remarkably easy:  Simply sign up for the service.  Once in, you can begin getting affiliate links, logging commissions, and transferring the income generated to a PayPal account.  Since all you are doing is changing the links, there is no requirement to install anything on the site, but there is a very handy plugin for those lazy few of you who find even the act of submitting links to be more trouble than it is worth.  The Easy Affiliate plugin for WordPress will automatically convert all of the links on your posts and pages to PalTip links (assuming your links qualify for one of the existing programs).

For those of you who are exceptionally eager to put links in front of your visitors, there is another method available, as well.  Using Acobot (I had mentioned their service in a previous post) you can train a chatbot to recommend your PalTip affiliate products to your customers based on their questions.


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