9 plugins to put advertising on your blog

Advertising can be a great way to monetize your blog, and if done the right way, it can even enhance your design, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Whether you run a single blog or a multi site with thousands of members; and whether you run Adsense campaigns or sell your own ad space – these plugins will help you create, manage, and place ads anywhere on your site.

Widget Ads

Widgets have traditionally been the most popular place to put advertising on blogs. WordPress makes adding widgets extremely easy, code-free, and, for most, the sidebar widgets repeat through the blog across every page and post, thereby giving the ad maximum exposure.

Ad Widget Plugin for Advertising on your blog

Ad Widget Plugin Makes Advertising Easy!

Ad Widget

Ad Widget from WPMUDEV is a quick and easy way to place ads in widgets anywhere on your site.

You can change what the widget displays based on whether your visitor is logged in or not, and whether he reached your site via a link, a search engine, or even depending on the browser he uses.

WP 125

WP 125 plugin allows you to create your own ad banners and buttons and place them inside your sidebar and widgetized areas. You can set click-through links, track conversions, and even set the time period that ads run on your site. It offers reminders when ads need to be rotated or when they are expiring, and statistics that can be tracked via the WordPress dashboard.


Post and Page Ads

Ads that run inside posts and pages are also popular options, and many claim these ads outperform ads placed in widgets. A good post and page ad plugin allows you to easily place your ads throughout your content, not just before it or after.

In Post Ads

The In Post Ads plugin allows you to create your own ads right in your WordPress admin panel and place them throughout your post content. You can see In Post Ads in action here on this post and in the picture shown below. With In Post Ads, you can control the number of ads that run, the order in which they are displayed, and even paragraph spacing in your content.

In Post Ads Advertising WordPress Plugin

Ad Rotate

Ad Rotate is a great plugin that allows a multitude of customization features for advertising on your blog. With it, you can show ads in posts, pages, and widgets; group blocks of ads, track conversion and click-through rates, even assign ad space to advertisers. The plugin also helps you keep your ads organized with a dedicated folder for a banner graphics, and the ability to weed out false clicks.

Pop-up Ads

Spammy pop-ups have been the bane of many a web viewer, and an attention-getting traffic tactic which has been abused for too long. In fact, every internet browser on the market has built-in functionality to eliminate or block pop-ups. But pop-ups with a catchy heading, teasing content, and an offer that can’t be refused are great additions to your site, and a fantastic way to promote content or products.

Pop Up plugin

Pop Up Plugin is slick!

Pop Up!

Pop Up! Plugin allows you to create pop up ads for your WordPress powered blog. It is an effective way to place paid advertising on your site, or simply to promote features of your own site like mailing lists, special offers, and individual posts and pages.

The plugin interface works by taking content from a post you create (including colors, graphics, and html) and popping that up on the viewers browser when they visit your site. You can set when the pop-up appears, to whom it appears (logged in or logged out users), and even control what pops-up based on your viewer’s geographical region. This is a great option for daily and local deal type sites! You can also give the viewer the option to hide the pop-up anytime she is on your site. It’s compatible with virtually every WordPress theme and works with BuddyPress and WordPress Multi site.

Multi Site Advertising

If you run a multisite blog, you can use the Ad Sharing plugin to offer your users a way to make money on their own blogs by running your advertising messages.

Ad Sharing Plugin

Ad content can be customized by you and/or the user, and be placed seamlessly in any user’s site installed on your network. You can even offer to split ad revenue with the user and track the finances directly through the WordPress admin panel.

Adsense Ads

If you have a Google Adsense account and are tired of hacking your theme template files to make them display where you want, there are several well-established advertising plugins that make placing Adsense blocks a snap!

Ad Injection

Ad Injection allows an amazing amount of customization for Adsense blocks, and other advertising sources too, including Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and TradeDoubler. You can insert into post and page content, control the number of adverts based on the post length, and even restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referer and IP address. There’s support for A:B split testing / ad rotation which can help you improve ad copy and the ad’s overall conversion and click-through rates. It also works with WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and WP Cache to help keep your site running smoothly and efficiently.

Easy Adsense

Easy Adsense allows you to post your Adsense blocks in posts, pages, sidebars, and widgets. You simply paste your Adsense code into the plugin and it does the rest for you!

Google Adsense Plugin

The Google Adsense Plugin goes a step further than Easy Adsense, and allows you to edit your Adsense blocks within WordPress with the ability to choose color scheme, layout, and the number of ads which run per page.



If you’re just thinking about adding advertising to your blog, start small and watch your statistics to see what is working and what needs to be removed. Don’t over-burden your site with flashy graphics and animated logos if you think it will put-off your readers. The viewership you lose may outweigh the monetary gain you find with paid ads.

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