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Daily Tip: Sharpen Resized JPG Images in WordPress

Have you noticed that when JPG images get resized they can become a little fuzzy? Sharpen Resized Images is a plugin that will sharpen the images you upload to WordPress as they are resized. Take a look at the difference:

Sharpen Resized Images has no settings – just install and activate. Please note that it will not affect images that have already been uploaded. It will only affect new uploads after you’ve enabled it. Download Sharpen Resized Images for free from the WordPress plugin repository.


Daily Tip: Improve SEO by Redirecting Attachment Pages in WordPress

Have you noticed that when you click on images in many WordPress blogs, they often lead to a dead end page?

That’s no good! Attachment Pages Redirect is a new plugin that does one simple thing. It 301 redirects attachment pages to the post parent, if it has one. If not, it redirects using a 302 temporary redirect to the home page. You may have an SEO plugin that already does this, so make sure to check before you install it.

Indexing pages with no content dilutes your site’s power to rank in searches. Attachment Pages Redirect will help you to get all of those dead ends redirected. Download it for free from the WordPress repository.