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Daily Tip: Add Geolocation Information To Topics in bbPress

The number of extensions for bbPress is growing rapidly. bbPress Topic Location is a new plugin from G.Breant that lets you add geolocation information to bbPress topics. It is powered by W3C Geolocation so the plugin can actually guess your current location if your browser has this feature.

After you activate the plugin, you’ll get a new “topic location” field added to the new topic form.

Topics will appear in the topics list with their locations beneath them.

This plugin as originally developed for use on a classified ads forum that required location information for ads. It’s now available for free. Download bbPress Topic Location from the WordPress plugin repository.

Daily Tip: Mark Old WordPress Posts With a Notification

If you’ve been blogging for a number of years, then you know that sometimes a visitor to your blog can be confused by a post with older information. However, you may want to keep the posts as they are for a record, instead of constantly updating them with new information. In that case, you should consider using the Old Post Notification plugin. This allows you to mark a post as old in the post editor and add a short notification.

The notification will appear at the top of the post and the placement and styling can be customized through filters, as detailed in the plugin’s description.

I tested this plugin and it works just as advertised. If you’ve got old posts, install the free Old Post Notification plugin to keep your visitors informed.

Add Vintage Effects to Images in WordPress

If you’re a fan of Instagram style photo filters, then you’re going to love the new Vintage.js WordPress plugin developed by modemlooper. It is his first WordPress plugin, though he has already created several BuddyPress plugins. This plugin makes use of Vintage.js, a jQuery plugin that uses the HTML5 canvas element to add vintage effects to photos.

The Vintage.js WordPress plugin gives you the option to add the filter when inserting an image into a post:

You won’t see the new filter applied until you view the image on the frontend where the vintage CSS class is added.

Here’s an example. The first photo is the original and the second is one with the vintage effect applied:

The fantastic thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t destroy or modify your original image. Vintage.js uses Javascript to add a CSS class to make the image appear with the vintage effects applied, so it’s safe for your original image. Please note that it doesn’t affect all of your images – only the ones you choose will have the vintage filters applied.

The developer is still improving the plugin and will be adding more vintage filters in the future. He expects to release a major update soon that will include an admin page, options and a bunch of new presets for images. Of course we will let you know when that is released, so make sure you’re following @wpmuorg on Twitter.

For now you can download the Vintage.js WordPress plugin at github. Have a play and see if you like how it works.